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At Eisenhower Drive, Roosevelt becomes Truman Avenue. Turn left on Southard, continue through the entrance to the Truman Annex residential neighborhood.Continue on Truman, 1 block past Duval to Whitehead Street. At the end of Southard turn left, following the signs to the park entrance.His story is personal because he grew up with the central figure, Dr. Andrew's parents, David and Kate, whom I had a chance to meet with after the screening, are lovely people, and I instantly saw why they foster so much love and support throughout the film: They are genuinely kind people who give off a wonderful parental-vibe.They show so much love and hope in the face of almost insurmountable evil.

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He's not one I've had a chance to look at close up but he should return after the New Year and I'm looking forward to seeing him because everyone speaks very highly of him.I feel I had to give it a proper review, but like many have stated, it's hard to do so without ruining the effect the filmmaker intends.This story pulls you along and unfolds as it does for our narrator, the filmmaker, Kurt Kunne.You hold onto their love and hope through the last few minutes, and eventually you find what the narrator finds: inspiration.The editing and the directing reveal a truly gifted filmmaker, Mr.Private Parties and Weddings: For information about wedding site reservations and after hour events: Contact Kirsten Corpion, Special Event Director: For information regarding the catering of after hour events: Contact Elizabeth Blount Directions to the Park: Follow US 1 into Key West.