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All calculations based on high level census data split evenly across the genders and back of the envelope division, and don’t take into account important nuances like men who only date up or the number of heterosexual women I know that are done with men and now experiment with other women.

Xbox live gamer picture not updating

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The amount of raw potential in the Xbox One X is staggering.

It's hard to talk about gaming potential on the Xbox One X without mentioning virtual reality (VR), or in Microsoft's case, Windows Mixed Reality.

The extra pixels pushed by the X produce crystalline scenery that showcases games at their absolute best.

It's about the glistening, intricate architecture of forgotten catacombs in Rise of the Tomb Raider, the detailed reflection of the pock-marked moon as you trek through Gears of War 4's ruins, and the sand-blasted hieroglyphs on an Assassin's Creed Origins ancient temple.

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Beyond that, the Xbox One X will enlist supersampling techniques to render more beautiful images on enhanced games, even on 1080p displays, and developers are taking advantage of the ability to include different graphics settings to boost things like frame rate and general quality over resolution, acknowledging that not At least for the games we have available now, the difference between a supersampled 4K image on a 1080p display is quite hard to discern, frankly.

Higher resolution textures supported by millions of extra pixels create a sharper image across the board, particularly in the details of distant objects or intricate designs, such as the textures on enemies and weapons.

HDR gives the game some truly dramatic lighting, which elevates the campaign's cinematic qualities far beyond what the standard Xbox One is capable of.

Leading up to the announcement of the Xbox One X, prominent analysts and commentators said that anything above 9 would be a death sentence for the console, despite all the technology crammed into the box.

You also have to consider the ecosystem attached to it: games, media, and beyond.