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Remind them regularly that if they want to talk to you about inappropriate touching or bad feelings they’ve been having, that you will Once they’ve established a relationship with their victim, they will then look for opportunities to abuse them.

One way you can protect your child in this situation is to ask what the facilitators do to protect against child abuse in their program.

This is where regular conversations about our feelings come into play. They’ll sugar coat it, convincing the child it’s special. They are more likely to be abused by a family member or close family friend than a stranger.

The girls and I talk about our feelings and how certain events affect our hearts and heads. This can make the abuse even more confusing for a child and has damaging effects on their mental health and relationships for years to come. For one, I got into tons of trouble when I slept at my friend’s houses when I was younger.

Will the abuser tell them to be quiet and not tell anyone? I have anxiety when I leave them in the care of anyone other than myself – at daycare, on play dates, with relatives…my brother, my current husband, my new father-in-law… I wish I could enjoy the beautiful gift of trust and safety.

But as a mother, I can never risk this kind of act happening to my own children.