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We share them here in case they're useful for developers.

However, we emphasize that these ports are by developers outside the libphonenumber project.

If any of the changes pushed to master since the last release are incompatible with the intent / specification of an existing libphonenumber API or may cause libphonenumber (Java, C , or JS) clients to have to change their code to keep building, we publish a major release.

Not the prettiest solution, but functional in all browsers with Java Script enabled.

To make your application accessible when using this component, you must provide an additional, accessible feedback mechanism.

Recently i have posted how to validate email address in javascript, how to validate mobile number and email address in jquery and not i will show you how to validate mobile number using simple javascript or using regular expression in javascript.

Basically you don't want the form to be submitted unless this is checked.

Using vanilla Java Script we can prevent form submission as follows: All this does is confirm before submitting the form that the checkbox is checked.