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You may need to perform the following to save the file.The hosts file is a small text file that is used by the TCP/IP stack of a computer operating system (OS) to configure how that OS resolves hostnames — like to an underlying IP address (1.242).

This is useful when trying to preview a domain before updating DNS.

This might be useful is you have a website under development that exists at domain name that has the same name as an existing website.

Some simple editing of the hosts file on a target computer will send the user of that PC to the correct website.

If you’re an overly-organized type you can neatly line up your columns of IP addresses and host names, but you don’t need to: As long as the IP address and host name are separated by at least one blank space the mapping will work.

You can also insert comments into the hosts file using the ‘#’ symbol, which can be helpful in documenting why changes were made to the host file, especially for someone else who may not be familiar with why the changes have been made.