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Today, October 21, 2015 at pm is a landmark date for science fiction enthusiasts: the date the Doc and Marty Mc Fly jumped in the De Lorean for a second time and traveled to the future!

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Furthermore, the technique was shown to provide a passive method of policing sand replenishment and a passive method of observing riverine or other sand inputs along shorelines (Figure 4).

Better still, unlike radiocarbon dating, the effect luminescence dating measures increases with time.

The phenomenon is distinct from that of black body radiation.

High energy radiation creates electronic excited states in crystalline materials.

Because of the somewhat short half-life of 14C, radiocarbon dating is not applicable to samples with ages greater than about 50,000 years, because the remaining concentration would be too small for accurate measurement.

Thermoluminescence dating: this method is associated with the effect of the high energy radiation emitted as a result of the decay or radioactive impurities.