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Mr Zuckerberg seemed mystified by opposition, writing, “Who could possibly be against this?

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It’s also important to note that language usage is widespread—you may very well find any of these languages spoken in any corner of the globe.For the purposes of this list, we’ll identify the places where each language is most common.This list focuses on how many people speak each language as their first language.

Doctor, Research Scholar, Manager, Research Assistant etc. Looking for happy going person with extremely good natured from a good family. She is currently working as a Process Developer in a reputed MNC. Our daughter is a very cheerful, friendly, beautiful and caring person.Finally, knowing more about these common languages will help you better understand the world around you.The world is a complex place, but learning about the most common languages will give you insight into culture and geography that can help improve your overall understanding of the world around you.With thousands of beautiful languages, these 20 most common languages are just the tip of the iceberg.Don’t hesitate to delve in deeper and learn more about the many magnificent languages of the world!While most of these are spoken by a very small population and are therefore obscure languages, there are some common languages that you may never have heard of, either.