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I watched a dancer spend five minutes adjusting her panties while looking at herself in the mirror, pulling the panties up to show more cheek, trying to decide what level they should ride on her hips, asking other dancers’ opinions on the matter.
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We need our body to perform full-power to flush out the lactic acid produced during that 20x200s odds fast, descend by round, evens moderate, hold base-pace on set, tomorrow.We also don’t want dehydration, a headache, or hypersensitivity to external stimuli to get in the way of getting our splits, calculating our intervals, or reading the pace clock.We need get the chlorine reek off of our permanent essence.After three rounds of body wash scrubbing and rinsing, multiple layers of selected perfume/cologne are applied to attempt to mask the permanent smell of chorine that lives in our pores.We try to limit our conversations to topics that involve swimming, even though it is hard for us not to revert to that topic.

Just stay a safe distance away from us because despite our natural prowess in the water, we’re usually clumsy on land.

We do not want to be staring at our date like we do the black line on the bottom of the pool and expect them to be attentive and interested in us.

We also don’t want to risk saying those cheesy jokes thrown around in the weight room or in the gutter that made us roar in laughter.

By Melissa Berkay, Swimming World College Intern Ok, let’s be honest, when most of our hours are spent prioritizing our career goals with swim practices, dating can be a struggle &source=" onclick=" this.href, '_blank', 'width=500, height=400' ); event.prevent Default();" class="share-linkedin" Melissa Berkay is a student at Mills College and represented Mills at the 2016 NCAA Division III Championships.

Her favorite event is the 200 Butterfly and she likes to compete in long-distance open water competitions in the college off-season.