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Veganism is one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements - there are now over half a million plant-based dieters living in the UK and that figure is set to rapidly rise over the next decade.

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Until fairly recently, skittles were vegan in the US but not in the UK - this was because they contained E120 cochineal, which is produced from scale insects.The prevailing belief when it comes to our food and health is that the fewer animal products we eat, the better.It’s perceived to be the healthier, the more ethical, the more environmental option.I was a vegetarian of some shade or another for the better part of 12 years.I started in University for the politics of it, loving how radical it felt, and continued on and off until, ironically, I studied nutrition.One of the first questions I’m asked when someone finds out I’m in the nutrition field is “So, you’re a vegetarian?