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Their fates rested upon historical contingencies; or, as one historian has called it: a “web of choices.” This is particularly true for the rabbinic elites rather than the laypeople who joined and helped steer religious movements.

A thorough analysis of these historical episodes clarifies the nature of religious movements in American Judaism as well as helps the interested reader anticipate whether Open Orthodoxy will persist as a “subgroup” of Orthodox Judaism or depart to form a separate religious movement.

Certainly, this would not be the first occasion that likeminded religious organizations rallied to form a Jewish movement in the United States.

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However, at the time of these pivotal decisions, it was not at all apparent whether Conservative Judaism or Modern Orthodoxy would form their own religious movements.

No doubt, this is a most reasonable lens to examine the scaffoldings of a religion like Judaism that more often emphasizes rituals and deeds rather than miracles and creeds.

The role of institutional halakhic bodies to determine the contours of religious movements can be measured along historical lines.

This was not the rightwing Orthodox newspaper’s first investigation into the subject.

To the contrary, the weekly publication had, for a number of years, run columns decrying Open Orthodox Judaism and its founder, Rabbi Avi Weiss.