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On 15 March 2013, RTÉ announced that the show had been ordered for a full series which was broadcast in the summer, but without Whitmore as host.

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Hippies (derived from the word hipster) were the natural outgrowth of the Beat movement in the 1950s.

Interested in an alternative lifestyle and rebelling against a society grown increasingly conformist and repressive, they were focused on freedom and getting back to nature.

An alternative soaking method to use is pouring a cup of ammonia on the grates and letting them set in a plastic garbage bag for 12 hours.

If you use this one, it's very important that you rinse well, since the ammonia flavor could seep into your food.

All of a sudden, a flock of pigeons surrounds you and won't back down.

Your date tries to swat them away, but this ends up angering them, and one of the pigeons charges right for you. You're able to fight the rest of them off and run away screaming.

Gradually, this extended towards dyeing one's own clothes, and the colorful tie-dye style became popular.

You can feel things getting hot and heavy, but your reasoning kicks in again (you must not have drunk enough) and you break lips.

You begin making out passionately and don't care who sees.

Your date invites you back to their house to dress your wound, and the night ends in fierce passion.

Your date watches you as you walk away, eagerly anticipating the next time you meet.

The date winds down and you find yourselves walking hand in hand down the street.