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I don’t have relatives or even friends that know me that can help if in case they will not accept me.

Everything was new to me and everything was so hard pretending to be like others.

After a year since I came, I woke up one morning on my colleague’s arms after a long drinking session. I have been a subscriber for a couple of years – in fact, when you started your chat box, we got to chat for a bit.

He was Richard, (I thought) a straight-acting like me. I’m from the Bay Area, you told me you lived here for a while.

He’s an American, a lawyer, divorced twice (he thought he was bisexual, but finally came out gay and wouldn’t have anything more to do with women), and have been told that he has Richard Gere looks. We met when I was still living in Manila and he was visiting for a conference. But like Chris leaving Kim, he left too – only, he came back a year later.

Hi Migs, I’m Bashful, 27, and a reader of your blog for about two years now.

Then I guess that was the start of a struggle, an inner struggle, which I find most difficult to cope with. I’d like to share my own experience, though too long for the viewers’ eyes.

Suddenly may fear ako naramdaman, fear of discrimination, fear na mapahiya because sa mundo ginagalawan ko presently hindi declared my other side. This is something unbelievable and could make for a good script for a movie that it could even rival the story of the Brokeback Mountain.

Just to find release, I’d like to see it posted in no less than Migs’ site, so that others may be enlightened or inspired, or of whatever purpose it could serve to the readers.

I became enamored with him; everything about him was perfect!

We had the same interests: history, politics, books, and all this for a guy who was 18 (I’m 19).