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Generally, video servers that provide these types of services for live streaming video are not free, and charges can vary by the number of visitors to your web page or websites at any given moment that you wish to support. This allows you to control what user Id can perform what actions.If you only wish to allow people to view your web page or websites that show your IP cameras, then you would use a low level user Id, that the person could not use to control or configure your IP camera.Allowing the images produced to be viewed by any Internet Browser capable devices that are running on any Operating System and using any Browser. One additional benefit among many others when using secure methods to embed and display your IP Cameras in Web Pages is the ability to include real-time images using IMG tags in many Blogs, Forums, Social Media sites and other Web Pages.There is no one size fits all example for non-secure methods, when it comes to embedding an IP camera or IP cameras in web pages and web sites where you will allow controls for the IP Camera to be used.

Secure methods do not expose these things and allow you to still Embed your IP Camera in Web Pages and Web Sites but allow you to do so without exposing any of this information about your IP Camera.Anyone could simply view the HTML source code of the web page or websites, to locate the user level Id and Password you are using and attempt to access the IP cameras standard Interface to do this.There is no requirement to include this user level and password information in your web page or web sites.Each video stream created counts as a connection and remains a connection until that video stream is stopped.Formal logons to the IP camera such as using the standard interface provided by the IP camera, which remains a connection until the browser window is closed for that interface.All INSTAR Full HD Cameras use a much improved P2P version that is not supported by third-party software.