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I am personally a bit of a make-up junkie and I have A TON of tips and tricks in my arsenal so I will start this off!!!

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In doing so, Tanenbaum found her previous nomenclature unfit for the fluid nature of the problem facing young women.The “bashing” of “sluts” had spread, soaked in, and soured into something more like shaming — though really, it’s more like plain harassment than actual “shame,” since a pervasive sexual double standard renders a true norm impossible to discern.(The recent conviction of Kevin Bollaert, a San Diego man who ran a notorious “revenge porn” site, is but one indicator of the industrialization of misogynist shaming.) This is of special interest to Leora Tanenbaum, whose latest book, “I Am Not A Slut,” examines the rise of “slut-shaming” online and serves to update many of the observations and definitions put forth in her 1999 book, “Slut!: Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation.” Similar to the approach she took for that (notably pre-social-media) study of a phenomenon she then coined “slut-bashing,” Tanenbaum interviewed a racially and socio-economically diverse group of 55 girls and women between the ages of 14 and 22 who had either wielded or fielded the word “slut” themselves.“Wanna see you in a penitentiary,” one hooded delinquent sung before he declared, “I’m innocent. During the takedown, officials from the NYPD, DEA and Homeland Security seized quantities of crack, heroin, MDMA and marijuana.

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“Bad” girls, those who typically came from less economic privilege or appeared less traditionally feminine, actually had comparatively less sexual experience than the “nice” girls.

The Homeland Security Investigation unit, with involvement of the DEA and NYPD, began to look into the Slut Gang after the takedown of the rival gangs.

Authorities began investigating “BMB” and “2Fly” in 2014 before finally rounding up 120 gang members last April.

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