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Facebook is a force to be reckoned with in Myanmar.It has been used by turns as an election pulpit, fundraising platform and even an outlet for hate speech.“It’s much more like a walled garden.” She noted the transparency of the deal is important, as is ensuring the partnership does not preclude other telcos from launching Free Basics.Originally Facebook decided which services were included in Free Basics.But Facebook says it want to push connectivity even further.

While real market penetration is much lower, estimated earlier this year at 45 percent, more people than ever have access to the the fastest growing online personals, with thousands of hot new members every day!Use our real time video chat to check each other out and play before you meet.While free internet may appeal to many, Facebook’s drive to evangelise Free Basics has met with mixed reactions, notably in India.The social media behemoth’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in an editorial for that critics had falsely claimed the service did not respect net neutrality and could push the internet toward becoming a “walled garden” – a place where access to information is dictated and can be restricted.YOU choose your online username, determine how much to share in your profile, and whether to make it discreet (viewable by only those you allow).