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But even incarcerated, Seward is good at manipulating people,with the exception of Hugh Dillon of Flashpoint as his nemesis, the veteran death row C. Ray Seward’s weakness is his love for his son Adrian, played by Rowan Longworth, who stayed with his mother’s corpse for six days and drew the “Picasso drawing” of a grove of trees which haunted Sarah Linden long after the case.

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Dial 1-900-Linden.” He deliberately leaves the case file of the street girl killing behind and she eventually pursues it to the pond of bodies.

Using his legal training, the railroad president methodically tilted the plane of Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system to serve his interests.

His power grab extended to Pennsylvania’s judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government.

Seward’s world in prison is deeply interior in contrast to the vibrant, messy world of “The Jungle”.

Filmed in the Burnaby Youth Detention Centre, Riverview in Coquitlam and studio, the prison world is dark, cold, cement and metal bars. Aaron Douglas is one of the prison guards and Nicholas Lea one of his death-row cell mates.