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Prosecutors and law enforcement treat cases concerning potential witness / informants / or victims extremely seriously.

The reason is because they want to ensure that individuals can come forward and assist the police without fear or repercussions from the person they’re testifying against.

Furthermore, law enforcement usually makes attempt to contact you in an effort that you make incriminating statements to build a case against you.When Dan’s attorney informed him that the case was set for trial, Dan got upset and called the police officer on the telephone. In this case, Dan’s defense attorney would argue that Dan is not guilty of threatening the police officer not to testify because he conveyed no threat. § 422(a): Criminal Threats • Assault & Battery • Dissuading a Witness If you have been arrested or are under investigation for threatening a witnesses, informant, or victim, then contact Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney John Rogers the Law Offices of John D. Call 877-888-9820 for a free confidential consultation concerning your rights and defenses.Because the police officer arrested Dan, he was going to be called as a witness by the prosecutor. The next day a detective visited Dan to get a statement about what happened over the phone. Moreover, Dan did not convey anything that would suggest he would commit serious harm or death against the police officer but merely stated “you better not.” Therefore, Dan is not guilty of threatening a witness from testifying. So any witness to your client's claims for discriminatory conduct in housing or employment is protected. In claims not involving FEHA, you could cite generally to the Penal Code sections and cite language that allows judges "inherent authority" to promote fair process and curb abuses. It is not necessary to prove that the behavior was so violent as to cause terror or that the victim was actually frightened.