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In other words: men can't focus on their relationship when they are unhappy with their work, while women can't focus on their work when they are unhappy with their relationship.

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Actually, the locus classicus, the best formulation of this, was by an ambassador to the United Nations, Abba Eban, ... I don’t particularly blame Abba Eban for doing what ambassadors are sometimes supposed to do. Cotler argues that classical antisemitism is discrimination against Jews as individuals whereas the new antisemitism, in contrast, "is anchored in discrimination against the Jews as a people – and the embodiment of that expression in Israel.He advised the American Jewish community that they had two tasks to perform. But we ought to understand that there is no sensible charge. In each instance, the essence of anti-Semitism is the same – an assault upon whatever is the core of Jewish self-definition at any moment in time." This discrimination is hard to measure, because the indices governments tend to use to detect discrimination – such as standard of living, housing, health and employment – are useful only in measuring discrimination against individuals.French philosopher Pierre-André Taguieff has argued that the first wave of what he describes as "la nouvelle judéophobie" emerged in the Arab-Muslim world and the Soviet sphere following the 1967 Six-Day War, citing papers by Jacques Givet (1968) and historian Léon Poliakov (1969) in which the idea of a new antisemitism rooted in anti-Zionism was discussed.

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People of goodwill who support the Palestinians resent being falsely accused of antisemitism."[R]ecently we have witnessed the rise of the new left which identifies Israel with the establishment, with acquisition, with smug satisfaction, with, in fact, all the basic enemies …Let there be no mistake: the new left is the author and the progenitor of the new anti-Semitism.One task was to show that criticism of the policy, what he called anti-Zionism — that means actually criticisms of the policy of the state of Israel — were anti-Semitism. Second task, if the criticism was made by Jews, their task was to show that it’s neurotic self-hatred, needs psychiatric treatment. Hence, Cotler writes, it is difficult to show that the concept is a valid one.Cotler defines "classical or traditional anti-Semitism" as "the discrimination against, denial of or assault upon the rights of Jews to live as equal members of whatever host society they inhabit" and "new anti-Semitism" as "discrimination against the right of the Jewish people to live as an equal member of the family of nations – the denial of and assault upon the Jewish people's right even to live – with Israel as the "collective Jew among the nations"." Cotler elaborated on this position in a June 2011 interview for Israeli television.He identifies some of its main features as the identification of Zionism with racism; the use of material related to Holocaust denial (such as doubts about the number of victims and allegations that there is a "Holocaust industry"); a discourse borrowed from third worldism, anti-imperialism, anti-colonialism, anti-Americanism and anti-globalization; and the dissemination of what he calls the "myth" of the "intrinsically good Palestinian – the innocent victim par excellence." In early 2009, 125 parliamentarians from various countries gathered in London for the founding conference of a group called the "Interparliamentary Coalition for Combating Anti-Semitism" (ICCA).