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Spanning from 1938 to 1948, Nestlé made the decision to enter into coffee and tea sector with the launch of Nescafe and Nestea.Nestle also diversified into the confectionary market, prepared foods, water, pet foods, energy bar and weight loss markets with the acquisitions of Peter, Cailler, Kohler Swiss Chocolate Company, Maggi, Vittel, Friskies, Powerbar and Jenny Craig respectively.As a result, Nestle in the early 1900s began positioning itself as a powdered milk, and infant food company.Furthermore, the combined companies through the Nestle brand name continued to grow through product and market extension mergers.Barney (2011) describes a product extension merger as one which adopts a complementary product through an acquisition, as seen in the case of Nestle which aligned product adoption in categories such as sugar, milk, cocoa and coffee.Nestlé further undertook market extension mergers which involve gaining entry into complementary markets through acquisitions (Barney, 2011); whereby Nestle entered the confectionary, coffees, cereals, soft drinks, ice cream, water and prepared foods markets (See Ansoff Matrix below).Thus, the businesses must create shared economic values through synergy by increasing revenues whilst decreasing costs.

The paper then looks at the future strategies of Nestle to outline the issues that are likely to be faced when these strategies are implemented .The company started developing an international reputation, and in 1905 it took the strategic decision of acquiring its main competitor, the Anglo-Swiss Condensed milk company (Bell and Shelman, 2009).The Federal Trade Commission refers to this as a horizontal merger where a firm acquires a former competitor allowing for a consolidation of companies in the same industry (Barney, 2011).During the 1920's, Nestle diversified its portfolio from infant formula to include Milo.This was its first powdered drink not created for infants.Diversification and global reach were the main values created for Nestlé in its acquisitions.