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"I didn't think my husband was gonna leave me," she says in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine as she explains how her life didn't exactly turn out as she had planned.

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Australia, Mongolia and China should be included in this list.The coal should be used as electrode materials in grid-scale supercapacitors and sodium-ion batteries, as well as in manufacture of wind turbine blades and other energy infrastructure via a pitch process. I definitely pointed out that hydrogen can be used for grid-scale storage by repurposing existing thermal power plants to burn hydrogen.It will take more than one technology to provide a good fit for each application.I thought that I said this some time ago: The carbon in Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Colorado, and West Virginia should never be burned.It's a much harder problem, but the police are being brought to heel one video at a time.They will be replaced with nonviolent robots, which have no fear of being harmed. It is going to be a very close shave to find out whether the human species can navigate Grinspoon's gauntlet.

We've been moments from failing the test several times.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered. Tags: academic papers, squid Posted on July 28, 2017 at PM • 191 Comments • July 28, 2017 PM Wiki Leaks drops another cache of ‘Vault7’ stolen tools Emissary Panda amongst others. We do have Taylor Swift tweeting but she occasionally says sensible things so she doesn't fully count. Trust Issues: Exploiting Trust Zone TEEs @Thoth, @Clive Robinson End of Triple DES "The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has just announced withdrawal of approval for triple DES (also known as 3DES, TDEA and sometimes DES EDE) in common protocols such as TLS and IPSec." Cyber arm of UK spy agency left without PGP for four months "UK spy agency GCHQ’s cyber security arm, CESG, was left without PGP encryption for more than four months, according to a government report." https:// https://uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/626110/20170413_HCSEC_Oversight_Board_Report_2017_-_On Kaspersky The author dislikes the fact that the "U. government used Kaspersky Lab’s products—including on DOD systems." https:// KL AV for Free. We need more headlines like: Batboy uses APT to hack Batman's car, run over Robin.

A recent, lucky opportunity to study part of a giant squid brain up close in Taiwan suggests that, compared with cephalopods that live in shallow waters, giant squids have a small optic lobe relative to their eye size. It could also potentially be used to attack self-driving cars or confuse air bag sensors in automobiles." mac OS Fruitfly Backdoor Analysis Renders New Spying Capabilities "A mysterious piece of malware that gives attackers surreptitious control over webcams, keyboards, and other sensitive resources has been infecting Macs for at least five years." https://uk/information-technology/2017/07/perverse-malware-infecting-hundreds-of-macs-remained-undetected-for-years/ Novel attack tricks servers to cache expose personal data "The so-called web caching attack targets sites that use content delivery network (CDN) services such as Akamai and Cloudflare." Revoke-Obfuscation: Power Shell Obfuscation Detection Using Science FLARE VM: The Windows Malware Analysis Distribution You’ve Always Needed!

Furthermore, the region in their optic lobes that integrates visual information with motor tasks is reduced, implying that giant squids don't rely on visually guided behavior like camouflage and body patterning to communicate with one another, as other cephalopods do. You can't blame the company for wanting market penteration. Hawk Eye Credential Theft Malware Distributed in Recent Phishing Campaign app offered by alternative Android app market redirected to malware https:// Wallet-snatch hack: Apple Pay 'vulnerable to attack', claim researchers https:// Hackers can turn web-connected car washes into horrible death traps https:// The opsec blunders that landed a Russian politician's fraudster son in the clink for 27 years https:// Upcoming USB 3.2 Specification Will Double Data Rates Using Existing Cables https:// • July 28, 2017 PM "Hackers can turn web-connected car washes into horrible death traps" What infosec is missing is it own version of the National Enquirer.