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Stick to the Goth / alt scene, and the lively T-shack drag shows, and you’ll have a grand time in this city.

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He and I have a lot of history and, as he was hurt by the breakup, I think the minor-hook-up-that-almost-became-break-up-sex probably hurt him. ” “Missed several chances at a threesome with two other women.

Both the fact that we kind of started to hook up and the fact that I stopped it because it felt wrong. First opportunity was squandered because I didn't have the balls.

Anyway, I start talking to one of the guys and we start to make out a bit, to my friend’s delight.

She was game, and I backed out because I don't want to leave my friends.

The same friends who laughed at me later when I told them.” “I almost had break-up sex with a recent ex.

She would switch back and forth between me and her hot-blonde friend.

My wingman didn't do a good job and although the redhead was into me her friend dragged her away.