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"I can't wait to provide this baby with the tools to become a beautiful, kind person," Chmerkovskiy says in the current issue of the magazine, also revealing that the duo learned they were expecting just a few weeks into season 22 of .

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Only five out of 541 tested URLs categorised as political content remained blocked.

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Based on reports from the UN, human rights organisations and Rohingya organisations, we are witnessing human rights violations on a scale extreme even by the standards of Myanmar’s history.

Our police, teachers, nurses and the like should be awarded an immediate 5 per cent pay rise. Enough is enough Prime Minster, start using some common sense and get on the front foot.

It’s time the Tories dropped the ideology and starting looking after the people who look after us.

(A novel idea, I know, but bear with me – it might even catch on.) Johnson is a jester – an amusing distraction from the drudgery of politics who has a natural gift for light entertainment – but he really ought to be kept away from the levers of power because has seemingly never cared one jot for anything much beyond stroking his own ego.

Our country deserves to be represented, both at home and abroad, by people who are dedicated to the wellbeing of our population and to working towards a better future for us all...