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Scripted Botmaster training is simpler to implement by a wide margin, but it entails a lot more work on your part, once the chatbot engine itself is complete.In contrast, public training, where anyone who talks to the chatbot can teach it what to say, is far more difficult to implement.Am I supposed to read AI (questions and answers) from My SQL to PHP (maybe in an array or some sort of a map) or is it OK to connect to a DB every time I ask bot a question? By starting a new chatbot/chatbot platform from scratch, you’ll be taking significantly more time in creating your project, but you’ll have far greater control over your chatbot’s behavior, so there’s a pretty big trade-off involved. It just uses if then sentences, i.e.: Q: how are you? It was created by Liz Perreau, and I joined the development team almost 2 years ago.

The question I ask my bot goes to the DB where it finds an answer which is later displayed to the user. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the idea of re-inventing the wheel, but some people look at it as a waste of time, so I thought I would ask.It also has the further disadvantage that little 12 year old, hormonally burdened Billy gets to teach your chatbot all about the wonders of cyber-sex, foul language, and bad grammar. so you can see that you have some choices to make, and a bit of work ahead of you.But that’s ok, because nothing gives someone a bigger sense of accomplishment and pride than to be able to say, “I made this!Other chatbot attributes that affect it’s perceived intelligence or Humanity will have similar impact on the complexity of the project.3.) How do you want to store your chatbot’s responses?Either way, both systems can do the job for you, so it’s simply a matter of preference, when all is said and done. Here, you have a lot of options, but I’ll cover the three main ones.