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'Some people who don't have iris pigmentation can have these implants to give them an eye colour.'In my case it is for aesthetics reasons and there is no money on earth that would convince an eye doctor to do it in the USA or UK for cosmetic reasons.'He added that he was flying to Delhi on the recommendation of friends: 'Three of my friends had the procedure done and it looks amazing.From the reference I shall be visiting the same doctor in Delhi.'Rodrigo is known for his love of extreme surgeries and in the past has indulged in liposuction, fillers, eight nose jobs and chest silicone implants as well as stem cell injections into his face and hair.The last recourse of the convicts, all of whom are now in their 20s, would be to seek clemency from President Pranab Mukherjee.The crime sparked big protests and led thousands of women across India to break their silence over sexual violence that often goes unreported.Applause broke out in court among relatives of the victim - whose identity is protected by law - as judges explained the crime met the 'rarest of the rare' standard required to justify capital punishment in India.

COUPLES EARN UP TO RS 60,000/DAY "At any point of time, there are more than 2,000 active users and the total number may be extremely high as many are engaged only on part-time basis for quick money," said Kislay Chaudhary, Delhi cyber crime expert, who assists state police in cases.Authorities have stiffened penalties against sex crimes, introduced fast-track trials in rape cases and made stalking a crime.Despite the toughening of the laws, debate continues over whether they serve as a sufficient deterrent.According to an estimate, as many as 2,000 have been providing content to adult portals, performing stripping and sexual acts in exchange for digital currency.The issue came to light after a Hyderabad-based software engineer was arrested for secretly live-streaming sex with his wife on a porn site for six months.Her father said: 'It's not just a victory for my family, it's a victory for each and every woman in our country.'AP Singh, a lawyer representing three of the condemned men, said that justice had not been done.