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Moreover, as compared to the Army, the Air Force (RSAF) and Navy (RSN) are smaller armed services composed primarily of regular servicemen.

As the RSAF and RSN's manpower tend to be more specialized, the constant periodic turnover of NSFs is considered to be very disruptive.

Singapore had sought assistance through official diplomacy from other countries, but their refusal to provide help prompted Israeli diplomats to extend a helping hand to the new sovereign nation in the establishment of the Singapore armed forces.

Secondly, national service is supposed to support racial harmony among the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities.It adopted a conscription model drawing on elements from the Israeli and Swiss national conscription schemes.Some 9,000 male youths born between 1 January and 30 June 1949 became the first batch of young men to be called up for NS.In common parlance, the term "Reservist" is used, a vestige of the older nomenclature preceding the current terminology.NSmen are the equivalent of other countries' reservists. They form the backbone of the SAF as NSmen represent the collective will of the nation to stand up for itself and to ensure the security of the nation.The Malays were virtually excluded from conscription from the beginning of the draft in 1967 until 1977 This is mainly due to uncertainties of where their loyalties will lie should Singapore engage in war with Malaysia.