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The Malays were virtually excluded from conscription from the beginning of the draft in 1967 until 1977 This is mainly due to uncertainties of where their loyalties will lie should Singapore engage in war with Malaysia.

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“We would want to see greater access for Australian businesspeople working in the UK and that’s often been a part of free-trade negotiations – it hasn’t always been by the way, but it’s often been part of our free-trade negotiations," he added.“For example, an Australian company that invests in the UK might want to bring some of its executives to the UK.The final exam was multiple choice, with questions based on both the homework reading and the lecture material.I designed the exam to test general, conceptual understanding rather than specific details like dates and numbers.

A survey published at the end of last year found the number of licensed curry restaurants had declined by 13 per cent in 18 months.

Each week, I asked the students to read a section of the textbook and answer some questions.

The questions were designed to help them understand and summarise the content of the textbook.

He met members of the government and business leaders in order to “turbocharge” the relationship between the two countries.

His visit came shortly after Ms May announced there will be a Hard Brexit – meaning an end to freedom of movement – as anxieties over high levels of immigration played a major role in the EU referendum.