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The country was enamoured of the late Princess Diana and it would have been foolhardy for Charles to allow his beloved Camilla to become the target of public wrath.

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The industry's regulating authority in Western Australia is the Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP), which replaced the previously existing Department of Industry and Resources (DOIR) on 1 January 2009.

Demand was fuelled by the buoyant Japanese economy and Japanese, American and British investment flowed into the State.It reached an early peak in 1903, experienced a golden era in the 1930s and a revival in the mid-1980s.In between, the industry declined a number of times, like during the two world wars, experiencing an absolute low point in 1976.While Asia had previously been a market for Western Australian products (notably sandalwood and wool), the export of iron ore to Japan marked a fundamental shift in Western Australia’s trade dynamic and paved the way for the development of Asia as the State’s most important trading region.Prior to the resurgence of the resource sector, economic conditions had been relatively subdued, with constant-price household income per capita roughly the same in 1960-61 as in 1948-49.The bulk of Western Australian ore went to China, which imported 64 percent of the 2008-09 production, followed by Japan with 21 percent.