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One can only imagine how many employees earned their livings there over the years. 807, shown on the left from the Reader Mail, Inc., October 17th.

Before the Laura Wheeler and Alice Brooks bylines were created in 1933, a variety of needlework designs were sold in 19. Annual sales were estimated at million by Ward's Business Directory, 1986 edition, the only year that sales figures are available.

The patterns are original Simplicity patterns from the 1960's. These are discontinued Simplicity patterns [that] were sold through their company, 'Reader Mail.' We purchased Reader Mail from them 5 years ago [in 2000], and have since expanded the Quilt and Embroidery side of the business, and have not put the effort into the Fashion side that it deserves."The death of Reader Mail's founder in 1972 followed by the death of the company's long time Secretary-Treasurer three years later, combined with a changing world--more and more women were working outside the home, families now had two cars giving homemakers mobility unheard of in the 1930s and 40s, the advent of specialized magazines (such as the new quilt magazines), the sale to Simplicity (a retail business unfamiliar with the mail-order business), along with the changing newspaper industry all worked against the once popular mail-order newspaper patterns and the companies that produced them, but Reader Mail survives by reinventing itself through new owners.

In April this year I posted about the mail order pattern company Reader Mail.

The first of the group of New York City pattern companies responsible for the Laura Wheeler and Alice Brooks needlework patterns, the Anne Adams and Marian Martin clothing patterns, and others, was incorporated August 13, 1928, and did not use a byline with its features in the beginning (see later). Superior Needlework patterns, numbered in the 100 and 300 series, were sold in stores (including J. Penney) rather than by mail-order through periodicals, and seem to date in the 1940s and 1950s.

As a group, the companies are a tangled web of names and addresses. I have found pattern envelopes with and without the 17th St. addresses [It is not known exactly how the Eighth Avenue, West 14th Street, and Sixth Avenue addresses were utilized for receiving mail in relation to the West 17th and 18th addresses that were across the street from the Old Chelsea Station post office, but the additional addresses had a definite purpose.

From their inception, the features created by the various companies were distributed in the United States by King Features Syndicate, Inc., a division of the Hearst Corporation. The company's trademark registrations in 19 and New York State incorporation records serve to tie them together as part of one company The companies were unique in that they created dress and needlework pattern lines that would compete against each other in the same city.

This unidentified face appeared in early 1933 ads promoting the Anne Adams dress and apron patterns. Burnham graduated from the Columbia University Law School in 1915 and practiced law here for 15 years.There was a recession like now, during the late 1970s when I got out of college, and jobs were scarce.The job itself was something I was perfectly suited to and my situation in NYC was what they were looking for โ€“ i.e. My new husband and I had lucked into a scarce commodity in New York City - a rent stabilized apartment on the top floor of a Greenwich Village row house. Rent-stabilized apartments in New York at that time were the most sought after because the rent rose only a relatively small, dictated percentage per year, and this job was only 10 blocks uptown -- I could walk to work.He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 7, 1896.His father had been advertising manager for the Philadelphia Public Ledger for more than forty years.There were several other floors in the building, which I never visited.