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Being a mother is truly an amazing thing, and I feel that it is very important to cherish every moment with our children, so I made a quick list of mother and daughter date ideas that will bring you closer to your mini-me.
She was Emma's best friend, and a member of the Spirit Squad with popular girls Paige and Hazel. But it wasn't until season 3 that she really blossomed into the fierce and fabulous Manny we know and love.

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Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey belonged together …at least, they did until Pacey emerged as the much better option.They are partners for an extra-credit biology assignment.At the end of the night, Pacey kisses her unexpectedly and she immediately turns him down, though he suspects she likes it more than she says. It’s one of the best examples of a “slow burn” relationship that’s ever been done on a primetime soap.Most importantly, Grams (Mary Beth Peil) drops some very important knowledge about how to tell when you really love someone — when you can spend all night sitting by the fire, watching them sleep.You can take a guess how Pacey spends that evening.

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It is also entirely ruined when Eddie shows up at the bar, rudely announcing that he has returned to Boston.Episodes 23 and 24, “All Good Things…” and “…Must come to an End”: The series finale of “Dawson’s Creek” time-jumps five years so that everyone is really an adult now.Dawson is the showrunner of a popular TV show called “The Creek” (go figure).It turns to complete disaster when the B&B isn’t ready.Luckily, their friends and parents are willing to chip in, and everyone pretends to be guests at the inn to help get the good review.Episode 19, “Stolen Kisses”: A trip to Dawson’s Aunt Gwen’s (Julie Bowen) cottage turns into nothing but temptation for Pacey and Joey as they try to avoid the “hormonal glitch” magnetic attraction they have together. Most importantly, Joey stops denying that Pacey has gotten under her skin.