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But she’ll also encounter the other men who she may end up saving, and even, developing a deeper bond with.

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He asked me on a date and I accepted with a smile on my face.

I spent most of that afternoon getting ready, wanting to look my best.

Her father was a deputy headmaster, her mother a housewife who became a carer for the elderly. Both Karen and her elder brother, who became a drummer and music agent, were musical children.

Karen learned the trumpet, joined the county youth orchestra, and in her teens got the piano lessons she’d badgered her parents for.

It’s clear that she possessed a prodigious talent, and yet, as she talks about her past life, there is also a sense of frustration.

Deep in the Shropshire hills, down a narrow country lane, is the tiny stone cottage that is home to Karen Markham, one of Britain’s handful of officially recognised hermits.But Karen, a former music teacher and composer, is a hermit with an agenda.The singular life she has led for the past six and a half years has depended not just on her faith and resolve, but on the generosity of a benefactor who has allowed her to live rent-free and provided her with a subsistence income.That was a bit much for me, so I told him it had been great seeing him, but I wasn't interested in becoming a hermit with him!While we all appreciate a bit of ‘me-time’, few would be willing to follow the example of Karen Markham, a former music teacher who for almost seven years has lived as a hermit, choosing prayer and spiritual contemplation over 21st-century distractions.Every day, she rises at 4am and spends three hours praying in the chapel she has created in the converted piggery.