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Commenting on the anchovy research, Professor Richard Thompson, a marine biologist at Plymouth University who has studied plastic pollution of the sea, said some 700 species of marine life had been found to come into contact with plastic, including commercially important ones.“I think that shows the prevalence of plastic debris and a lot of these encounters can result in harm and, in some cases, death,” he said.But most of all, you sure will get pleny of fish that’s meant for you!

“This is the first behavioural evidence that plastic debris may be chemically attractive to marine consumers,” the researchers wrote in the journal .In the study of baby perch, their preference for plastic over actual food stunted their growth and appeared to make them unable to smell the presence of pikes, one of their main predators.The plastic-stuffed baby perch were found to be eaten four times more quickly by a pike than others fed on a normal diet.Professor Thomson said the level of plastic pollution in seafood was not yet high enough to warrant concern about significant effects on human health.More fish in the sea dating websites are the most popular, the largest and highest-rated dating sites in the world.More than 50 species of fish are known to eat plastic and 700 marine species are exposed to it.