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The in-cab conversation was a delight, revealing the cheerful innocence of middle America.

At one point, we were discussing foreign travel, and Greg observed: "Mexicans can't even speak English, and I think their currency's different, too." After 60 smooth and agreeable minutes, the traffic on the highway started to stutter. The one that the city fathers prefer is "City of Firsts" – not because of its prominence on the fast-food test-marketing circuit, but because it is claimed to be where stainless-steel cutlery was invented and the push-button car radio perfected.

Truck drivers, however, have a different name for Kokomo: "Stoplight City", because of the 15 sets of traffic signals along the highway.

At what I think was set number six, we turned off the highway and into 1955.

That was the year the Mc Donald's franchise was born. " exclaimed Gary as we walked into Mc Donald's With a Diner Inside; after a convivial hour in the pickup, the least I could do was treat them to lunch.

The mood was much more intimate than a regular Mc Donald's, with comfortably padded scarlet seating in almost conspiratorial booths.

Which meant I was just off Highway 31, in the middle of the most middling Midwest state, in the town of Kokomo – the place that bolts "extra" on to the front of "ordinary".

The registry will allow you to choose a county in Indiana and enter any local address in that county.

It will then provide a list of all registered county sex offenders living within a one-mile radius within the boundaries of the county selected.

In fact, it never was: the restaurant originally tried to win business from traditional diners by offering speed and standardisation; seating did not arrive until 1966.

Harold Easterday, the Diner's chef, told me he had gone to Chicago to be trained for the new Mc Donald's. It took a good few minutes – "Everything is cooked to order," he said – and the result was good, honest American food. "This competes with Steak 'n' Shake," announced Gary, who had already displayed an encyclopedic knowledge of American fast-food chains. "Yes, definitely." "We'll have to bring Mom up here," Gary concluded.