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99% of the men that emailed me had a problem with that status because it seems most people equate dating with being in a relationship/"seeing someone". I asked some of my expat friends, most of whom are Canadian, about this.
LOL, they certainly are into spending time together.

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Sanskrit, Latin, Celtic and Germanic languages are (among others)said to belong to the Indo-European family.

Japanese however is not part of a large family of languages.

I believe there are some linguists who believe that they may one day be able to deduce that there was an original human language from which all others diverged.

Latin is part of the Indo-European family of languages which came from an unknown common root language; Proto Indo-European.

More convincingly it has been called a creole or pidgin of Anglo-Saxon and Norman French.

Latin's similarities to other European and Indian languages justify its inclusion among the Indo-European languages, which are thought to descend from an ancestral language known as 'Proto Indo-European', spoken several thousand years ago.

The only new languages which are 'formulated' in the normal sense of that term are artificial languages (e.g.

Latin is far from being the origin of most languages, but forms the basis of the Romantic languages of Europe.

English borrowed some Latin during the Roman occupation, but Latin was in no way involved with all the languages in, for example, the Philippines or Africa.